The Grandmas Before They Smoked Weed for the First Time: The Pre-Pot Interview


Ok, so can we now respect nature again and legalize the herb.

Patients for Medical Cannabis

From Gawker: Dorothea, the quietest, most charming weed-smoking grandma in the video that blew up the internet this week, apparently didn’t have as much fun as her compatriots did getting stoned for the first time.

In an interview with ANIMAL, director Mike Gaston said that Dorothea—who sat in the middle and had a distinct Rose Nylund vibe—told him it’s unlikely she’ll ever smoke again, but not because it was too intense: “She actually expected it would be more like an acid high.” TMZ interviewed Dorothea herself, who said that despite the surprising high, the experience convinced her that pot should be legalized.

The hardest part of the project, according to Gaston, was finding three grandmas who had never toked up even once.

The first thing we thought was, “Let’s…

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