A year ago I was about to commit suicide. Marijuana played a huge role in my recovery.


It’s medicine, nothing else, so be grateful for life.

Patients for Medical Cannabis

Via r/trees

I’ll try to keep this short. I use timehop and today it showed me a picture I took a year ago today. That picture was of my hospital bracelet when I was admitted to the ER for being a suicide risk. I was on a high dose of an anti depressant that wasn’t working and all I wanted to do was kill myself to get rid of the agony I was experiencing constantly. A few days later I met up with a new friend and they offered me to join them when they toked. At first I declined but the more we talked about weed and it’s medicinal qualities the more I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try it. I smoked that night for the first time and the next day I felt like someone had sucked the depression right out of me. I was happy and energetic…

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