Laying it down


Hey, That’s me 🙂

I’m laying it down.
I’m laying down the white flag and picking up the peace pipe. I’m no longer willing to surrender my life, my freedom as a human inhabitant of this planet, as a human born on the ‘freeset’ plot of land on earth.
I’m laying down the white flag. I’ll no longer beg for a right that is mine by birth. The nourishment I choose to feed my body is my choice and mine alone. You do not own me; you do not own my body, my mind, my heart, nor any other part of me. Through the truth I learned after the lies I was taught, I’ve realized this; dishonesty, corruption, hate, and discrimination all stem from greedy roots. I’ve also learned that I’m gracious enough to surrender my white flag in exchange for my peace pipe.
I’ll no longer beg someone to allow me to use…

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