Cannabis Cultivation Decriminalised in Spain?


Well, in fact the pant Cannabis is legal by nature, so what are the contemporary politicians doing, they try to get their heads out of the rope.

Hemp and Medical Cannabis in Spain

Stop Press; Excuse my translations..

A wonderful surprise ant-prohibitionist news for all growers, grow shops and associations. I tell you about the updated public security law that takes effect July 1.

The minimum fine has remained around 600 euros, not 1000 plus as feared. This administrative penalty is still valid for possession in public places, roads, public buildings or public transport etc.

gwpharma-sativexThe good news is that a paragraph has been clarified and amended on the cultivation of cannabis, and is said to be punishable only “in visible public places” (Art. 36.18).

Democratic history here in Spain expresses criminalized acts and illicit crop planting and clearly shows what is forbidden and what is allowed. Franco’s previous law prohibiting the cultivation of cannabis was April 8, 1967, law “prohibited” but he did not sanction violators. Hence it is said that it was forbidden to germinate seeds.

The government of Spain has decided…

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